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Transportation and logistics of Container Cargo ship and Cargo plane. 3d rendering and illustration.

Supply Chain Practitioner



The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Supply Chain Practitioner who can plan, organise, execute, control and coordinate the activities and inter-relationships across the supply chain environment.


NQF Level 5
145 Credits

Learning Outcomes

*Provide environmental scanning assistance for effective supply chain operations.

*Implement supply chain operational activities within an organisation.

*Implement and assess supply chain workflow processes for continuous improvement.

*Perform inventory and logistics operational activities within an organisation.


The function of supply chain is to ensure smooth and contractually sound transactions between and amongst businesses, government to business and business to individuals. The function is integral for the success of every industry in South Africa and therefore contributes to the social stability, efficiency and the growth of the South African economy as a whole.

This qualification serves to equip the qualifying learner with the fundamental skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to support the provision of world class services and, improve client and customer service in the logistics and supply chain management. A variety of occupations from government and business, especially the distribution and logistics sectors will benefit from this qualification, some include: Stevedore operators, Ships’ Agents and Forwarding and Clearing Agents.

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